کتاب کره ای سئول جلد سه Seoul University Korean 2A 서울대 한국어

کتاب کره ای سئول جلد سه Seoul University Korean 2A 서울대 한국어
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کره دانشگاه سئول یک روش ارتباطی برای یادگیری کره ای است. هدف اصلی آن این است که هر آنچه از نظر تئوری آموخته می شود باید در استفاده از زبان مورد استفاده قرار گیرد.

در این سری از کتاب ها ، مهارت های شفاهی و نوشتاری در اولویت قرار دارند ، زیرا آنها دو توانایی اساسی را برای ایجاد شایستگی های شفاهی پیکربندی می کنند. با این حال ، به عنوان یک روش انتگرال ، دو بخش شامل "گوش دادن و صحبت کردن" و "خواندن و نوشتن" به عنوان اجزای تشکیل دهنده و آینه مهارت مکالمه و نوشتن است.

کتابهای مجموعه

کتابهای متنی این مجموعه بر روی تمرین زبان متمرکز هستند ، حتی دستور زبان از طریق گفتگو ، جملات مدل و تمرین نهایی ، یعنی بصورت کاملاً عملی ارائه می شود.

در پایان هر درس ، ترجمه به هر گفتگو و واژگان یافت می شود.

بعلاوه ، یک سری پیوستهای مفید نیز شامل این موارد می شود: برگه های تمرین ، توضیحات دستور زبان گسترده به زبان انگلیسی و کره ای ، اطلاعات اضافی فرهنگی ، رونویسی صوتی کره ای ، پاسخ تمرین ها و واژه نامه.

Seoul University Korean is a communicative method to learn Korean. Its main objective is that everything learned theoretically has to be captured into the use of language.

In these series of books, the oral and writing skills are prioritized, as they configure two basic abilities to build oral competences. However, being an integral method, two sections are included: “Listening & Speaking” and “Reading & Writing” as constituent parts and mirror to the conversation and writing skills.

The books from the collection

The text books from the series are focused on the language practice, even the grammar is presented through a dialogue, model sentences and a final exercise, that is, in an eminently practical way.

At the end of every lesson, translations to every dialogue and vocabulary can be found.

Furthermore, a series of useful annexes are included: exercises sheets, extended grammar explanations in English and Korean, cultural information extension, Korean audios transcriptions, answers to the exercises and a glossary.

Text books CD-ROM

Every text book of the series includes a CD-ROM extremely useful for both teachers and students. The teachers will find master lines to approach the class activities, and the students will find exercises and interactive activities. Almost all content is written in Korean, except some explanations and transcriptions given in English.

The CD-ROM contains:

-Grammar and vocabulary exercises

-Conversation practices

-Reading texts

-Audio files


-A list of vocabulary and grammar

-Supplementary class material

The books from the collection

The exercises books from the collection provide different types of exercises; filling the gaps, choosing the right answer, linking words or related concepts, sentences patterns, etc. The exercises answers are included.

Exercises books’ CD

The exercises books include a CD with the audios from the exercises. Two sublevels for every level.

The complete method contains six levels, each of which consists of two parts: A and B.

Seoul University Korean 2A  Student's Book - English Version (Includes CD-ROM)

Seoul University Korean 2A Student's Book - English Version (Incluye CD-ROM) is the first book of the series and is oriented to students that start from the scratch. University Korean 2A Workbook - English Version (Includes CD MP3) is the complementary exercises book.


머리말 Preface

일러두기 How to use this book
교재구성표 Scope and Sequence

1과처음뵙겠습니다 How do you do? 
2과취미가뭐예요?  What is your hobby?
3과콘서트에가봤어요? Have you ever been to a concert? 
4과옷이좀큰것같아요 The clothes seem a little too big.  
5과어디에가면좋을까요? Where would be a good place to go?
6과비행기로보내면얼마예요? How much is it if I send it by airmail? 
7과한옥마을이어디에있는지아세요? Do you know where Hanok Village is?
8과  정말속상하겠어요You must feel awful 
9과 문의할게있는데요I have something to inquire 

활동지 Activities Sheets
문법 해설 Grammar Extension
문화 해설 Culture Extension
듣기 지문 Listening Scripts
모범 답안 Answers Key
어휘 색인 Glossary

Description by the publisher:

Seoul National University Korean Language is a six-level course book (200 hours of regular learning program per book) and developed for learners of Korean language. The book helps students develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and helps them apply Korean language in real life situations.

  • The textbook is carefully coordinated to link between spoken language and written language while focusing on the development of communicative language skills.
  • A task-based approach maximizes the use of linguistic knowledge and encourages to learn phonological rules and intonation for accuracy and fluency in Korean.
  • A systematic approach to learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation is adopted.
  • This textbook is designed to familiarize with Korean culture, and helps to share different culture of the learners through activities in the book.
  • The text includes a CD-ROM that can be used in the classroom, such as games and practices, reading and listening dialogues, vocabulary and grammar list, MP3, and extra class materials
عنوان کتاب کتاب کره ای سئول جلد سه Seoul University Korean 2A 서울대 한국어
ناشر Seoul National University
شابک 9788953934306
تعدادصفحات 275 صفحه کتاب اصلی و 204 صفحه کتاب تمرین
قطع کتاب رحلی
نوع جلد شومیز
نوع چاپ سیاه سفید و رنگی
شناسه کالا: 4067800

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