Nan neoga joa michigesseo! Uri tto mannalkka? -(I'm crazy about you! Shall we meet again?) Answer this correctly in Korean, and you may be going on a hot date. Incorrectly, and you could be hurting someone's feelings or getting a slap! Korean classes and textbooks tend to spend a lot of time rehearsing for the same fictitious scenarios, but chances are while in Korea you will spend a lot more time trying to make new friends or start new romances-something you may not be prepared for.

If you are a student, businessman or tourist traveling to South Korea or North Korea and would like to have an authentic and meaningful experience, the key is being able to speak like a local. This friendly and easy-to-use Korean phrase book makes this possible. Making out in Korean has been carefully designed to act as a guide to modern colloquial Korean for use in everyday informal interactions-giving access to the sort of catchy Korean expressions that aren't covered in traditional language materials. As well as the Romanized forms ( romanji ), each expression is given in authentic Korean script ( hangul ), so that in the case of difficulties the book can be shown to a native Korean-speaker. In addition, easy-to-use phonetic spellings of all Korean words and phrases are given. For example How are you?"- annyeonghaseyo? is also written as anh-nyawng-hah-seyo?

This Korean phrasebook includes:

- A guide to pronouncing Korean words correctly.

- Explanations of basic Korean grammar, such as, word order, questions, and formal vs. informal tenses.

- Complete Korean translations including Korean Script ( hangul ).

- Useful and interesting notes on Korean language and culture.

- Lots of colorful, fun anduseful expressions not covered in other phrasebooks.

عنوان کتاب کتاب کره ای Making Out in Korean A Korean Language Phrase Book
ناشر Tuttle Publishing
شابک 978-0804843546
تعدادصفحات 160 صفحه
قطع کتاب وزیری
نوع جلد شومیز
نوع چاپ سیاه و سفید
شناسه کالا: 4073593

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